Audiology & Hearing Aid Services

FMDH Audiology Clinic has an audiologist on staff that provides many hearing related services. Sharlene Schmidt, M.S. Audiologist is a native of Saskatchewan, Canada and practices in Glasgow, Montana. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders and a Master of Science Degree in Audiology.

What should I expect at my appointment?

Comprehensive hearing tests in a sound treated booth are performed. After visiting with the patient and considering their thoughts, concerns, and communication needs she makes the best recommendations possible for that individual. Trial periods are available and necessary. It takes time to work with patients to get the best possible results so they can enjoy the benefit of hearing in most environments. After patients are tested and diagnosed with a hearing impairment a hearing aid may be recommended. Sharlene works with all types of hearing aids. She can assess, repair, and clean all types of hearing aids.

What services are provided?

  • Hearing tests and screenings for ALL ages
  • Hearing aid selection and verification
  • In the Fall: Hearing tests in the schools along the Hi-Line region from Westby to Chinook, testing students in grades Kindergarten through 1st grade and 9th or 10th grade. Students with known hearing losses are monitored annually and new students are also screened.
  • In the Spring: FMDH Audiology participates with the Glasgow Public Schools to provide community pre-school Child Find screenings.

Sharlene travels to Malta, Montana monthly for provision of services. She has a good working relationship with Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist Dr. Brett Bennion who also holds clinic in Glasgow, Montana every two weeks.

Other services provided by FMDH Audiology include:

  • Custom hearing protection for hunters, pilots, construction workers, farmers, and others who are exposed to loud noise
  • Industrial testing for local businesses who would like to provide that service to their employees

Do things change?

The hearing aid industry has changed drastically when compared with options from 20 years ago when audiology services were first available in Glasgow.  Hearing aids need regular checkups to ensure that they are working properly.  If your hearing levels have changed, reprogramming a hearing aid to meet your current needs may be an option or new hearing aids may be necessary.  Sharlene is willing to help with all concerns.  She is dedicated to her patients and will always work to help her patients get the most benefit possible.  Hearing aids do not restore hearing levels to 100% but they can and do make a difference in communication needs.

“If you have a problem with your hearing aid or if your hearing changes, I will be right here to help you. My goal has always been to meet or exceed my patient’s expectations. I want to give people the best chance to hear things around them. Life is too short to miss out.” 

Sharlene Schmidt, M.S. Audiologist

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