The FMDH Food Services Staff is responsible for providing aesthetically pleasing cafeteria, patient and catering meals, served in a fast and courteous manner.

Patient meals are served at 7:45am, noon, and 4:45pm. Dietary Assistants distribute trays and lets nursing know of needed assistance.  Consumed trays should be returned to the kitchen as soon as possible after meals as this ensures adequate dishes for the following meals.  For meals or snacks when the kitchen is not staffed, supplies are available in kitchenette areas.  Nursing Shift Supervisor has an access key.

Diet Orders: The accuracy of transcription of diet orders is very important to the provision of appropriate dietary care we work carefully to insure the accuracy of our meals.

Snacks, supplements and nourishments are labeled with patient name, room number, and date. They are sent to the Nurses’ Station as per patient’s nutritional need and/or request. These are sent with the meal cart, received by nursing assistants and stored (i.e.; refrigeration as necessary) until the designated snack time.

Cafeteria Services is available seven days per week, serving three meals per day to hospital employees, patient families, significant others and community. Dietary is responsible for maintaining adequate items within their kitchenette area. Food and related items are requisitioned as necessary by Dietary staff assigned to inventory.