Montana Endowment Tax

Memorial and tribute gifts offer family and friends the opportunity to mark a special occasion, express sympathy or remember or honor a loved one or caregiver in a meaningful way.

To Make a Memorial or Tribute Gift

Donations in memory, in honor, to mark a special occasion can be given to the FMDH Foundation.  Memorial or tribute gifts can be made by phone by calling Mary Kate at 406-228-3614 or via mail to FMDH Foundation at 621 3rd Street South, Glasgow, MT 59230.

Fill out the form below to indicate the name of the individual you would like to honor with your gift, how you would like your gift directed (General Endowment, Scholarships, Markle’s Ambulance, or Mammography Fund) and if you would like us to notify anyone regarding the gift. Gift amounts are never shared on notifications. 

How families can direct memorial gifts to the FMDH Foundation

Often in lieu of flowers or other contributions, families of a departed loved one may request donations be made to a favorite nonprofit organization. Please call the FMDH Foundation office to inform us of your intentions so we can assure your donations reach your desired fund.

We will send an acknowledgement note to a designated family member(s) of all donations made in your loved one’s memory, including the donor’s address. It is the policy of the Foundation to not share specific gift amounts, but we are happy to share overall gift totals if requested.

Leaving A Permanent Legacy At The Foundation And Establishing A Named Endowment

Families can also leave a permanent legacy at the FMDH Foundation to honor their loved. The Markle Family did just that when they established the Markle’s Ambulance Fund.  Many of us know that in a rural area transportation time is of the essence.  The Markle family wanted to make sure our 4 ambulance services provided the best care and quality for our isolated area.  It has been a gift that has been immeasurable for almost 30 years!

A named endowment is created through providing a gift to the FMDH Foundation that is permanently invested to produce annual allocations for projects designated by donors. The principal funds in our endowments are never spent. Only a percentage of the interest and appreciation earned from the endowment is used to support current programs and services, the remainder is reinvested back into the endowment fund. This ensures that the endowment fund lives at the FMDH Foundation forever, helping us meet the long-term health care needs of our local community.

These special endowments may be “named” for either the donors themselves, relatives, or other special friends. In a simple written agreement with the FMDH Foundation, the donor(s) may specify where they would like their endowment earnings allocated.

You can set up an named account with a donation of $10,000+ and lesser amounts are generally accepted and will be fully endowed, providing the donor intends to attain the $10,000 level within five years.

For more information, please contact the Foundation at 406-228-3614 or email