Outpatient Infusion Therapy

FMDH Outpatient Infusion Therapy Clinic offers the service delivery of various infusion medications including but not limited to chemotherapy. We offer a one on one nursing service in the privacy of individual rooms. Each room is decorated to feel like home. Our qualifed and competent staff have taken additional education in providing you and your family with the knowledge needed to provide this service to you. We are assured that our nurses will go that extra mile to make this experience as comfortable as possible.

What services are offered?

The clinic offers the infusion of several medication for patients.

What can I expect when receiving infusion at the clinic?

We provide one on one nursing services so you do not have to share a room with anyone else. The rooms are comfortable and cozy. We have movies and dvd players available to provide some entertainment during your treatment.

Call Outpatient Clinic

(406) 228-3656