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Price Estimator Tool

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Resources for Health Care Pricing Information

We recommend reading:

  • The Consumer Guide to Healthcare Prices (2014) written by the national experts at the Healthcare Financial Management Association. MHA, an Association of Montana Health Care Providers, offers web-based resources to help Montanans with their health care decisions.
  •  Montana Informed Patient – information, resources, and tools to enable you to make informed health care decisions.
  • Montana Price Point – shows charges from the past year for services at all Montana hospitals.

COVID-19 Testing Prices

In accordance with the CARES act, FMDH’s cash price for COVID-19 testing is $176. Your health insurance plan may cover some of this lab cost, depending on your co-pay and deductible. Patients, please note that this price is only for the COVID-19 test.  Other tests and screening may be ordered and provided at the same time of service, which will affect a total bill for this service.  For questions, contact a patient financial services representative at 406-228-3511 and leave a voicemail.