FMDH is a proud member of the Northeast Montana STAT Air Ambulance Cooperative. It was formed by FMDH with the Phillips County Hospital and Northeast Montana Health Services to ensure the residents of Northeast Montana have access to Emergency Medical Technicians and Registered Nurses with advanced training in the care and risks associated with transporting critically ill patients. It presently conducts approximately 300 flights per year with the majority of transports from Northeast Montana to Billings or Great Falls.

 What does the flight program do?

 The flight program is responsible for the care of patients being transported by air, in an intensive care   environment, from one facility to another. Our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective, medical care,   with well-trained physicians, staff and pilots to make sound medical and aviation decisions.  This frequently   involves the primary stabilization of the patient in the referring facility, which may have limited resources and   personnel.  Flight crews for STAT Air are trained in all aspects and risks of transporting patients in the air   environment including handling deranged persons, ditching and evacuation, radio communications, on-board   oxygen systems, loading and un-loading passengers, turbulence and weather extreme precautions, and   emergency use of aircraft equipment and controls.

What staff is on a flight?

Flight crew configuration consists of hospital employees including the pilots.  Typical configuration is pilot, flight nurse, and EMT. On non-typical, vent or very critical patients crew configuration may be pilot, flight nurse, secondary nurse, RT, or doctor, and EMT. If a fourth crew member is not required, we often reserve the fourth seat for a family member.

What type of aircraft is used?

Aircraft presently in use in the STAT Air flight program include two hospital owned 421 Cessna pressurized twin-engine medically configured aircraft.