FMDH Foundation

The Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital (FMDH) Foundation is separate from the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital and is a non-profit organization that is governed by an independent Board of Directors, its own by-laws, and independent articles of incorporation.  The FMDH Foundation is an integral part of FMDH.  The desire for quality health care links the FMDH Foundation with FMDH and ultimately the community.

The FMDH Foundation is a vigorous component of the medical community in Northeast Montana.  Physicians and other care givers regard the Foundation as a partner and a resource, enabling them to provide quality health care.
Please contact Mary Kate Tihista at (406) 228-3614 or with any questions.
Donations can be sent to FMDH Foundation, 621 3rd Street South, Glasgow, MT 59230.
Thank you!